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About Us

Fire begins with a spark and we hope we can spread it by plugging amazing music. We’re all about great Japanese indie, rock, and electronic music. From the underground live houses to the event centers to the dark and dank clubs, we work to find fantastic music so we can share it, review it, and talk with the artists who created it.

We try not to miss a beat but if there’s something amazing and we don’t plug it, please let us know on our GOT A TIP page.

SPARKPLUGGEDは日本の音楽を世界に紹介するサイトです。日本のインディーズ、ロック、クラブミュージックのPVやMP3を中心にキュレーション します。

リリース告知、レビュー 、インタビュー希望のアーティストの皆様はこちらにご連絡下さい。

その他ファンの皆様も紹介されていない素晴らしい音楽がある場合、ご連絡頂けると嬉しいです。 GOT A TIP?

Who are we?

Shay(Read Shay's posts)

Founder and Editor / Shay currently lives in Sapporo, Japan. He found himself immersed in the world of Japanese music and his posts are his letters of correspondence.

Neaux(Read Neaux's posts)

In addition to writing for SparkPlugged, Neaux runs Neaux clicked on it where most of the site is about many things he likes on the internet, mostly asian music, rock, hip hop, pop, and more.

Aizo(Read Aizo's posts)

Aizo is an undergraduate student living in Tokyo. When there’s extra time and money, he loves to see Japanese bands play in live houses and small concert venues. His love for Japanese music from the age of 14 is what brought him to Tokyo. In addition to listening to music ranging from Melodic Death Metal and Underground Hip-Hop to Chiptune and Ska, he likes to play some music of his own: beatboxing, singing, playing guitar, and playing sanshin. Talking about Japanese music, gender identity, and pop culture are some his favorite topics.

Nick(Read Nick's posts)

Nick is currently a undergrad in International Studies with a concentration in Asia at the University of New Orleans. He finds his interest in Japan through the diverse Japanese music scene.

Shen(Read Shen's posts)

Shen is a journalist currently living in the New England area. He was first exposed to Japanese indie rock what seems like ages ago and has grown terribly addicted to it over the years. Other than religiously following the ways of the Japanese indie world, Shen is interested in playing guitar and video games. He is also a casual manga/graphic novel reader and is amused by all shapes and sizes of entertainment.

KJI(Read KJI's posts)

Hailing from south California, KJI has had an interest in Japanese music for years. Eventually, this interest became solely focused on Japanese indie/alternative rock. With his secret identity as a developing musician, j-indie has greatly affected his occasional attempts at (bad) songwriting. Aside from this, KJI has also recently obtained a piece of paper that allows him to do computer stuff.

Jimi(Read Jimi's posts)

Jimi is a Designer who currently works in the animation industry. He has an unhealthy obsession with Japanese music (specifically with the alt/indie variety) which is mainly how he ended up here at Sparkplugged. Aside from art, animation, and music, Jimi takes interest in…. well actually that pretty much sums it up.

Psycho_Dad(Read Psycho_Dad's posts)

Psycho_Dad is studying computer science / engineering at a Hungarian university. Although he lacks the skills of an average computer engineer, he is aspiring to be a professional good-for-nothing (he is right on track so far). However, through the Sound of Japan he found his ultimate goal in life: to become a rock guitarist in the land of Nippon! So he is diligently learning Japanese and playing the guitar simultaneously (literally). Besides these ambitious plans he is a retired lame yo-yo and devil stick player!

Todd(Read Todd's posts)

Todd recently went from ‘guy who spits ideas at Shay’ to ‘guy who spits ideas at Shay and also does stuff for Sparkplugged.’ He is currently the Sparkplugged businessguy. If you have any business, he’s your guy. Unless you need an executive override of some sort, then Shay is your guy. Todd also enjoys drawing pictures of both dinosaurs and robots.