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Me-gumi – “Boku-ra No Sajikagen” MV

Jan 10 2018

Add whistles and xylophones to your masterclass of anything can be used to rock out and enjoy Me-gumi’s “Boku-ra No Sajikagen.”

It’s super catchy, super jumpy and the band is lively. I love love love group efforts with male and female members. Sake Ideshima absolutely pounds on her nord stage 2 keyboard and lead singer Tatsuya Sugawara has a perfectly rectangle guitar. So cool. “Boku-ra No Sajikagen” should brighten your day.

Get to know the rest of the band over at Me-gumi’s official website. Their album Boku Datte Chanto Shitakatta Hitotachi e was released back on 10.25.2017 at CDJapan.

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