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Dizzy Sunfist – “Into the Future” MV

Jan 23 2018

Dizzy Sunfist is hanging on for a different outcome and won’t let it end with the self-encouraging “Into the Future.”

It’s another ganbatte empowerment song to hype yourself up, and Dizzy Sunfist’s power pop punk stylings will indeed lift you up. It also helps that they include English subtitles. Lookout for the “whoas” at the end of this song, because they are angelic and match the holy stained glass backdrop. It’s goose-bump forming good stuff you’ll want to give a few good spins.

Find this on their latest Dreams Never End out 1.24.2018 at CDJapan.

If you think the stained glass is colorful in this video, check out Dizzy Sunfist’s official website. It’s super colorful.


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