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Crossfaith – “Wipeout” MV

Jan 24 2018

Crossfaith is wiling out and wiping out in their newest futuristic banger for 2018 “Wipeout.”

It looks like someone dropped Crossfaith inside the mainframe of a computer to rock out on this synth-almost-pop-sounding-track. The lyrics are a tad happy and there is a break where “Wipeout” begins to float into lighter fare. Luckily, they step back on the gas to rock it out full speed ahead.

Ever play Wipeout XL? This might not be the techno soundtrack you are accustomed to, but this song definitely zips you along.

If you need this hyped up song for a daily fix then follow this link to your favorite download source.

Keep up with the lads of Crossfaith at their official website.

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