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Ten to neaux(know) from 2017

Dec 09 2017

2017 was full of diversions for the ADHD set and not even fidget spinners could last the entire year, because too much stuff is going on. Well here are 10 bands, groups, or singers that made an impression this year that will not be so easily forgotten. This set of artists are set to make a name either in Japan or worldwide and they have some of the coolest tracks, IMO. So here is 10 to Neaux from 2017.

#10 Daoko feat. D.A.N.- “Onaji yoru” MV

Daoko has been gaining massive exposure as a pop artist, but working on a track with D.A.N. on production has given her the much needed edge of mystery and sexiness. Daoko was already sexy, but “Onji yoru” is  definitely a more risky move for her because it’s putting her fingerprints on new genres of music that won’t be forgotten. You don’t need to be a detective to know this song is nighttime moves ready. Read what I wrote about it on my personal blog.


SO many summer songs this year, but the only one that matches speedy pop punk with breezy “woo-hoo-oos” was from ENTH. Their album HENT grows on you quickly and has planted itself into massive rotation when I’m in the car. It’s already December and it still feels like summer when this song comes on. You need to enjoy your “SUMMER” too. Read more HERE.

#8 DALLJUB STEP CLUB- “Pizza Pizza” MV

Hold your pepperoni, because DALLJUB STEP CLUB’s electronica rappy rocky extra toppings makes “Pizza Pizza” super hot. It’s full of messy samples and off-tempo experimentation, the bpm climb and climb, but the flow is tight and it’s just fresh. How do you make Pizza exciting? DALLJUB STEP CLUB found a way. Grab an extra slice when you see the full pie at my blog.

#7 NONA REEVES with Itsuka from Charisma.com- “Danger Lover” MV

NONA makes a disco R&B Jam super sexy with the help of Itsuka from Charisma.com and of course an extremely naked out of focus frosted glass 3-way. Hold on to your butts, or hold someone else’s, it’s totally fine and free love acceptable in “Danger Lover.” Watch it again over at neaux clicked-on-it.

#6 HOLLOW SUNS- “Out of touch” MV

HOLLOW SUNS II is a very hard rocking and very short mini album. The boys of HOLLOW SUNS just leave you wanting more. It’s growly gruff lead singer kills on “Out of touch,” and this song is a personal fave. If you miss the power and joy of screaming along to hard rock, just blast this track from HOLLOW SUNS a few times. So good.

#5 ONE OK ROCK- “American Girls” MV

Everyone who likes J-rock knows ONE OK ROCK. Well this was the year the WORLD woke up to ONE OK ROCK. Their album Ambitions was popular rock with mass appeal and Taka and his crew handled it easily. “American Girls” exemplifies popular Western music and the video was smart enough to turn Taka into a sex-symbol. American girls everywhere now have a new Hot topic crush thanks to the Fueled by Ramen label. Read more here.

#4 Ballond’or- “Hadaka no Joo-Sama” MV

Ballond’or are not a safe band. Their videos are a bit wild and “Hadaka no Joo-Sama” isn’t afraid to escalate the sex in this one. Oh and don’t forget the drugs and violence and rock’n roll too. You can’t run and escape this craziness. You won’t forget this one either and neither did I.

#3 ZOMBIE-CHANG- “We Should Kiss” MV

Ooh-la-la oui oui! ZOMBIE-CHANG spins a blippy good tune and few fidget spinners in “We Should Kiss.” It’s total trance repetitive beat E-induced bliss that deserves your biggest kiss. Twirl it one more time HERE.

#2 Yurufuwa Gang gets two-much love with “Escape to the Paradise” and “Pirates” MVs

It’s hard to pick just one video from Yurufuwa Gang. Their nod to Pulp Fiction is on point in “Escape to the Paradise.” Their television remote flip through in “Pirates” is hilarious. Both songs are extremely different bangers but magnificently produced by Automatic. It’s been a joy watching these two blow up this year and their album Mars Ice House should be on everyone’s year end list.
Read more about the killer alt-rap group HERE and HERE.


Pucker up to the lemon-y goodness of INSHOW-HA’s ear-ringer. That sound is unforgettable. If you ever need an upbeat lift, “LEMON” has this non-stop looped computer-ISH ISH that is the ISH. The two girls of INSHOW-HA handle themselves with poise and demeanor and keep this song from sweating. Their calmness through this caution-filled calamity is the kind of level-headed attitude necessary to navigate 2017 and enter 2018. “LEMON” is also a sweet reminder that you can rock out and remain level and look good during the process. Here’s my original ramblings.

I hope you enjoyed these as much as I did and I hope you are supporting all J-artists. You can listen to a lot of them on your streaming services like Spotify and Itunes radio, but I recommend you pay to download their songs or buy their CDs too. Let’s rock these songs out til 2018.

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