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SiM – “The Sound of Breath” MV

Dec 08 2017

SiM can feel the sound of your breath..  even from way over here. So take a mint and chill to SiM’s “The Sound of Breath.”

SiM has basically mastered hard rock/reggae slow jams. I’m not even sure it was a thing until SiM hit the scene, but they execute so well, you can’t help but enjoy their craft.  “The Sound of Breath” is another autotune swayer that picks and chooses its times to crank up the guitars. Like the magnificent “Burn it down” middle where the guitars crunch, the band “whoas” and lead singer MAH croons. Lovely stuff dudes.

You can grab their double A single A/The Sound of Breath over at CDJapan.

Get tour dates, merch options and more over at SiM’s official website.

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