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Giraffepot – “R.I.P.” MV

Dec 01 2017

Giraffepot stoke the fires for a heated single in “R.I.P.”

This song really gives me chills and yet it’s full of flames. It’ a masterwork of the soft loud rock game with bursts of emotion that tugs at the heart. Add some amazing visuals: the bleach blonde and dark black haired contrasting dudes, lots of fire and then a breathe of fresh air as the band plays on mountain tops against a gorgeous blue sky with scattered clouds. This is just awesome stuff that gives me goosebumps.

What are you waiting for? Giraffepot’s fourth mini-album Twelve Typewrite drops on 12.20.2017 at CDJapan.

Don’t die just yet until you visit Giraffepot’s official website.

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