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THE MOLICE SIGNS EP album review

Nov 28 2017

molicesignsTHE MOLICE are finally releasing hard copies of their SIGNS EP on December 1st, 2017 (which you can still order at Good Charamel records.)

It’s a straight up blast of six tracks with some very distinct sounds. THE MOLICE barrel out of the gate with a Bleach era Nirvana riff in “Shooter” that settles into a poppy bass groove, and is all MOLICE once Rinko’s voice takes over.  She plays her “whoa-oh–oh-ohs” like belly laughs and the song is playful and fun.

“Side P” is a junky jeep ride over rough terrain that still has it’s share of woo-hoos and is best played with the windows down. It’s fast and full of feedback and fierce. (It’s a personal favorite).

You should already be fully sold by their two amazing singles “MAGIC” and “Sparkling of Light.” I’m attaching the video below for “Sparkling of Light” because I don’t think it’s been highlighted on Sparkplugged yet. See below:


“Dry City” is your slower tempo track on their SIGNS EP. It’s a necessary breather, and a bit more organic with some lovely string elements, but also expands and becomes full as Rinko sings louder. It’s a soft to loud single that’s full of love.

“Round Round Round” comes full circle with another dirty Nirvana sounding drive. THE MOLICE smooth over the edges and polish this musical ball into a rolling force thanks to the pace of Hirofumi Katsumoto”Paro”’s drumming.

Reminder: You can always sample the songs at Amazon.com  before you buy. If you love THE MOLICE, grab this physical CD. It is a no brainer. It’s just f’n good and only $7. If you need more input then the MOLICE are front and center on  Good Charamel records.)

Finally, I say hit up Good Charamel records twitter and push for some SIGNS T-shirts too.

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