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Harukamirai – “Uchuhikoshi” MV

Nov 21 2017

Harukamirai’s “Uchuhikoshi” is the perfect backdrop music for a 5 minute date drama.

A boy and girl meet at night randomly and sure enough there are sparks for a full date. That date unfolds before us in video and in picture documentation because the guy is a photographer with a snazzy Contax camera. He’s able to teach the girl about photography too. It’s a simple story, but lovely when placed during sunset hours and paired with a great love song.

Look for Harukamirai’s latest Hoshikuzu no Uta out 11.22.2017 at CDJapan.

Jump over to Harukamirai’s official website to find an upcoming tour date. These guys play December – February 2018.


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