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DADARAY – “Sukoshide ikara nagura sete” MV

Oct 23 2017

Come here so I can slap you around a bit. Now sit and watch DADARAY’s “Sukoshide ikara nagura sete.”

Oh baby is it a smack in the face. It will also make you do a spit take, with some surprising opponents squaring off. The gravure idol vs the martial artist. Donald Trump vs Kim Jong Un? And then they kiss and make up. Wow.

Great song where the keyboards are as playful as the lyrics. I also like how the drummer who keeps this song upbeat, gets some face time.

Sprawl out over at DADARAY’s official website. Look forward to DADARAY’s 1st full album DADASTATION set for 12.6.2017 at CDJapan.



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