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4×4=16 – “Goodbye Girl” feat. Yumi Shimizu MV

Oct 27 2017

4×4=16 has multiplied into a full band featuring Yumi Shimizu on vocals..  at least for one song “Goodbye Girl.”

Yes 4×4=16 are the two dudes flanking the central action in the video. Sho Ueno and Akio Kanno make music as a duo, but you can hear what these guys can produce when they get a sprite of  a singer in Yumi Shimizu on board. It’s pure pop rock goodness.

Tower Records is hosting this video, so look for this eventually at Tower.jp where I think a 5-track mini album is slated soon. Hit up this website for some more info.

4×4=16’s official website also has deets on a 11.15 reveal. Also Yumi Shimizu’s website/blog has a lot of cool pictures.

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