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Sep 25 2017

SHE’S uplifting poppy single is in sharp contrast to the title “DON’T LET ME DOWN.”

With “whoa-oh-ohs” and playful piano, “DON’T LET ME DOWN” is all good vibes. What even more cool is that this video was a co-production with a local film college the TOHO GAKUEN Film Techniques Training College, so it’s cool to see collaboration and learning involved in a fun project.

Get more SHE’S at their official website. You can find this song on the Awakening album released on 6.21.2017 at CDJapan.

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  • Diego

    2 months ago (#)

    Someone knows what happen with de PV… it was delete from his youtube page and his oficial page.. if someone had another PV link please …

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