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Backdrop Cinderella- “Taiyou to unzaunza wo Odoru” MV

Sep 29 2017

Backdrop Cinderella aggro dance to the jumpy “Taiyou to unzaunza wo Odoru.”

It’s full on buzzing guitars, but often bouncy, playful and melodic. It’s hard and fantastic and full of pep.  Isn’t that what you want out of a rock track? To fill energized? Well Backdrop Cinderella do it and do it again. Props to the drummer for keeping this bombass track rolling. Also there is one point where it sounds like a tribal “ooh-ah” umph going on that just shows that this song really goes everywhere.

Find this on Backdrop Cinderella’s new album Mayonaka no Taiyo wo Kimi wa Shiranai out 10.4.2017 at CDJapan.

These guys have tons of videos linked up at their official website.

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