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winnie – “let it die” MV

Jul 10 2017

Choose your weapon wisely while winnie whips out another winner with “let it die.”

It looks like winnie is back providing the soundtrack to the PS4 game “let it die” with a song of the same name. The game looks like it is full of monstrous weapons of war. The song is winnie’s signature sound and you’ll be glad to have them back in your life. It’s been 15 years of winnie, so the band is celebrating with a best of album: Greatful 15 years Dead and “let it die” is the top track on this album.

Look for the new album out this week, 7.12.2017 at CDJapan.

Pass the age verification process to visit Let it die’s official website.

Explore the dots over at winnie’s official website and follow them on twitter.

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