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OisicleMelonpan – “look at the sea” MV

Jul 26 2017

The star of OisicleMelonpan’s “Look at the sea” video is a siamese cat.

This cat with adorable blue eyes makes a quick escape to visit the ocean via the railway system, but it’s owner follows the cutest paw prints in the sand for a warm return embrace. Can we bring Kawaii back now as an appropriate term? This qualifies.

Oh and OisicleMelonpan’s indie rock is pretty good too. It’s a skippy track with a very cool beat. I love watching the bassist clap along to the beat, that’s a nice moment.

Look forward to a new mini album indoor out 9.27.2017. More news and live dates are over at OisicleMelonpan’s official website. Follow them on twitter.

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