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Seuss – “Fun,Fun,Fun” MV

Jun 20 2017

Seuss throws back to the 50’s with their own “Fun,Fun,Fun” old school rock single.

Think 1950’s, and you think, classic diner jukebox rock. Drink a coca-cola by your Elvis pinball games in your black leather jacket. That’s what the video shows when shot in black and white. When the video is in color, it’s the band Seuss playing 50’s rock to a very social elite group of friends drinking champagne and Heineken and all dressed up. At least they are still having fun.

What you gotta respect is Suess’ ability to keep the 50’s  “woo-oo-oohs” on back vocals and jamming guitars.

Second Royal Records has more info on Seuss’ new single. Look for it on 7.17.2017.

Hit up Seuss’ tumblr and follow them on twitter.

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