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HEY-SMITH – “Let it Punk” MV

Jun 24 2017

Punk as a verb might mean to live life to the fullest not giving a flying F.. at least that’s how HEY-SMITH use it in “Let it Punk.”

And I say we go ahead and make that a thing, cuz someday you will die, so live it and make it. HEY-SMITH have given their selves to the punk lifestyle, but they still rock the horns of the ska lifestyle too. “Let it Punk” is just a damn blast of rock n’ roll perfect for a Friday afternoon. Turn this one up along with your middle finger and cut on out.

The Let it Punk single drops on 7.5.2017 at CDJapan. It’s 4 full tracks of fun.

Read about the single and the upcoming tour over at the HEY-SMITH NEW SINGLE webpage. There are a lot of great opening bands each night too.


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