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End of the World (Sekai no Owari) – “One More Night” MV

May 25 2017

Sekai no Owari have been pushing towards their US debut for a while, well they jump head first into the dumpster, translate their moniker into End of the World and come up with gold with the surprisingly cute “One More Night.”

The dancing bag people keep this video light while still reaching for that Millenial market. You get a very brief cameo of DNCE and lots of hot kids kissing. Oh and then the emoji bag faces, because sure.. that’s how to relate to Millenials. Right?

I wouldn’t know, but I do know this song is really damn infectious and if any studio in Hollywood had some brains, they’d add this song to a summer movie soundtrack. Thumbs up on the song Sekai.. or End of the World.

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