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May 09 2017

Those of you who missed Kawatani Enon, singer of both indigo la end and Gesu no Kiwami Otome, during his hiatus may be pleased to hear the newest project he is involved in. As one of the writers for the songs, along with Gesu Otome’s bassist, Kyuujitsu Kachou, Kawatani may be in the background, but his influence is very noticeable. One of the vocalists does the backup vocals for Gesu Otome, and two members from indigo la end are also members. I think I need to see some sort of chart for how all these members connect now.

If you enjoyed their Jazz bridges and the way piano is smoothly integrated into the creative Alt. Rock formation in Gesu Otome, then you are in for a treat. Something very different from Kawatani’s former projects is that the vocals here are done by two women—I will avoid going on with an obvious joke about the title of the song. It is definitely a fresh tune.

You can pick up their second mini-album, DADAMAN, on May 31st.


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