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Boku no Retepashizu – “Hello Goodbye Fuck You” MV

Apr 05 2017

Boku no Retepashizu’s best way to flip everyone off with “Hello Goodbye Fuck You” is to make their video over 45 minutes long.

I guess they just had a lot of footage of recording and playing they had to share.  We learn that the lead singer doesn’t like shirts and rolls around on stage alot. Nice. The song ends at the 6 minute mark but then goes into a whole bunch of live performed songs. Pretty much from that point on its the band at its most raw, but also just great to hear them play for so long. Not going to lie, I skipped ahead multiple times and the band just keeps playing.

“Hello Goodbye” can be found on last year’s Aishiteruyo which is still available at CDJapan.  See more videos from Boku no Retepashizu over at their official website.

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