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Akairo no Glitter – “Kurage” MV

Apr 07 2017

Akairo no Glitter relies on the magic of jellyfish and unique musical pacing to create an engaging “Kurage” single.

It’s wonderful how this song is allowed to float at times with a tick tock beat that allows breathing room between alt rock guitar riffs. It’s also a bit playful and cute. The video is all black and white with intercut ocean shots and a mirror image silhouette of the lead singer singing. It’s different, that’s for sure, but damn if “Kurage” isn’t just an awesome song.

Find it on Akairo no Glitter’s Setsuna album released 4.5.2017 at CDJapan.

This is the band’s 3rd mini album and you can get more info over at Akaro no Glitter’s official website.


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