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Kuso Iinkai – “Start Signal” MV

Mar 08 2017

On your mark, get set, Parkour? NOOOooo! Kuso Iinkai pull a fast one on me with “Start Signal.”

Dammit, here I thought we would be getting a great metaphor for test taking as a running race and then they throw the kids flipping off stairs and tumbling down the halls.

You are just lucky that Kuso Iinkai’s “Start Signal” is an excellent song. The rising riff is infectious and the guitar solo contains some magnificent sounds I’ve never heard before. It’s just really cool. Race over to CDJapan to grab the new album Deformer no Aojoshin out 4.5.2017.

Everything you want to know about Kuso Iinkai is over at their official website.


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