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ONE OK ROCK – “American Girls” MV

Feb 02 2017

American Girls be like..  undercover sneaky and stuff. Watch as they take down ONE OK ROCK in “American Girls.”

Through a coordinated spy ring, the girls in this video UP their networking skills and capture ONE OK ROCK. Taka never knew what hit him. And who knew that ONE OK ROCK would hit us with one of their most pop rock songs off their album Ambitions.

The song takes the riff from Hole’s “Celebrity Skin” and puts a pop spin on it with an ode to the girls of the U.S.A. Salute “American Girls,” and go bonkers for them.  The first time I heard this song, I thought, ugh. Now after listening to Ambitions everyday for the past week, it’s downright adorable. It really won me over the second time I heard it.

In fact I’ll go out and say the Ambitions album is probably the BEST Pop rock album out there right now. Every track is fantastic. Buy it through Amazon!

Keep up with ONE OK ROCK over at their official website.

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