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Heavenstamp – “Around the World” MV

Feb 21 2017

Heavenstamp has been “Around the World” and aye-aye-aye they have found their baby in the fate of an older brother in their latest MV.

Talk about a slightly disturbing yet gorgeously shot video about a kid dealing with a newborn sister. What could turn sinister and dark, gets a kick in the pants and a jump into a lake before there is a more favorable resolution. You’ll leave with a smile, thank god. “Around the World” is indeed a wonderfully visual video with great locations in blowing fields, lake views and beach side shots.

The song “Around the World” is powerful thanks to Sally’s triumphant “Whoas.” Again it’s a track to get excited for the band’s new album. I think we are looking at May of 2017 for the new album.

Read more details at their official website and follow them on Facebook.

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