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DENSHI JISION – “Nihon o kagakusuru” MV

Feb 01 2017

Cherry blossoms swirl around and dance to DENSHI JISION’s wonderful “Nihon o kagakusuru” or (Scientific Analysis of Japan).

It’s after careful study of nature and a meticulously detailed notebook that we can conclude that “Nihon o kagakusuru” absolutely rocks and will make you dance around in joy. The song jumps off mixing modern rock with feudal Japan sounds and is high energy. It slows only once to contemplate why a caged bird won’t fly.. let that bird loose!

Hopefully DENSHI JISION give you the drive today with such an awesome track.

Look for their new mini album Jikoai Sei Personality Beta Hokai out 2.15.2017 at CDJapan.

DENSHI JISION’s website rolls out info in blog form, but make sure to scroll down to see their killer artwork for the new album.


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