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The Rouges – “Let’s Go Sea!” MV

Jan 26 2017

The Rouges’ killer combination of surfer rock and heroin chic will completely drown you in “Let’s Go Sea!”

They definitely will stop you in their tracks with their 90’s drug look. The badly bleached hair, the pale skin, skinny arms and crazy make up (yep, the Rouges do wear a lot of rouge make up) is funny to see on some kids dancing the 50’s and 60’s swim.

Why am I having Pulp Fiction flashbacks? I don’t know but the Rouges are going to leave an impression on you. It could be a lipstick stain or surfer sand in your shoe, but there is something about “Let’s Go Sea!”

Expect a new EP in February of this year.  Keep up with the rouges over at their official website.

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