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Neaux survives 2016 with Ten to Remember

Dec 08 2016

I thought 2015 was bad because Japan shuttered many of its youtube channels.  Man, 2016 proved to be devastatingly worse.

2016 saw the loss of many great musicians like Bowie and Prince. Those were two gutpunches. My mother also unexpectedly passed over the summer, so that’s been depressing on many many levels and I hadn’t really thought much about even doing a video list. This is probably the first time I’ve even mentioned this publicly. Then I realized that music is the only thing that keeps me going and excited and alive and happy, so I figured I could share the stuff I enjoyed this past year that’s lifted my spirits.

#10 KOHH- “If I Die Tonight” MV

KOHH is a rock star. He might be a rapper, but dammit the man is a living rock legend. “If I Die Tonight” featuring Dutch Montana, SALU shows death around the corner, every corner and how KOHH plans to rap until his very last breath. The video is gritty with pulp-fiction like violence and features some killer rhymes. Don’t sink to the bottom of the ocean without this in your headphones.  Read more about this song over at my blog.

#9 Babymetal- “Karate” MV

If I needed some cheering up, it was definitely worth watching Babymetal fight off death ghosts in their monstrous “Karate” video. This song is truly metal and launched Babymetal to the forefront of the heavy metal universe. I expect these girls to live on forever after such a badass return this year. Read more HERE.

#8 She, in the Haze- “Stars” MV

Easily my favorite song of the year comes from She, in the Haze in “Stars.” It’s the whispery vocals and the soft to loud rawk. The video is also rather dreamy and I love that the band is dressed in all white and are fairly reserved until the 2:50 mark when then go completely heavy and industrial. Read the original sparkplugged post HERE.

#7 NOT WONK- “Golden Age” MV

From my favorite album of the year This Ordinary is NOT WONK’s “Golden Age” track. The video is pretty much just a performance video, but this 6 minute + song is fantastic. It’s legit alternative rock that’s a slow burner until the band really kicks in after 3 minutes. You can read what I wrote initially back in June.

#6 Homecomings- “DON’T WORRY BOYS” MV

Homecomings ride a 90’s brit pop doodle-y riff all night long in their slumber party jam “DON’T WORRY BOYS.” It’s fun, like a whole lot of messy fun that you don’t need to worry about until the next day. Dance around in your PJ’s please. You’ll feel better afterward. Bust out the late night snacks and look back at my original post HERE.

#5 Wagakki Band- “STORY FATE” MV

Wagakki band are masters of traditional instruments and their video for “STORY FATE” shows they are masters of lavish production. The costumes, the video set that blends with CGI and the epic beauty of the entire band is a sight to behold. Expect to be transported to Japan days of old visually and sonically. I wrote more about it at my blog.


FACT might have disbanded, but SHADOWS carries FACT’s flag in the rocker “BEK.” Lead singer Hiro jumps and jumps and jumps while at the bottom of the ocean, and the music is still as electric as his energy. The video contains some amazing stormy water visuals and freeze frames water drop bubbles. I’ve rage rocked to this song for most of the Autumn. Here’s a few more words from my original post.

#3 WEAVER- “S.O.S.” MV

You may never never never never want to let WEAVER go after hearing their extremely catchy song “S.O.S.” It’s even the theme to an anime, Udon no Kuni. The video zooms right in and signals your attention, the direction and cinematography are top notch and it’s an unforgettable video. “S.O.S.” rescued me from 2016 with it’s heart happy pop. Read more about it HERE.

#2 Suiyobi no Campanella- “Aladdin” MV

KOM_I points to her pants numerous times in her awkward sexy bowling dance party for one video “Aladdin.” It’s mesmerizing, and she’s mesmerizing. “Aladdin” is one of the most colorful videos of 2016 with its bowling imagery and crazy choreography. The song is also youthful in sound and spirit and a great dance track. Brush up on your ball handling with the original Sparkplugged post.

#1 Frederic- “Only Wonder” MV

Most upbeat and happy video of the year goes to Frederic’s “Only Wonder.” Your cheer squad has never been this organized. The choreography and props create the most memorable video of 2016 and Frederic is stuck in the middle of the bleachers. With hands waving wildly around them, the band soldiers on, but it’s hard to look serious when everyone else is having so much fun. So clap on and thrust your fists to the skies, “Only Wonder” is your 2016 redemption! Read what I wrote back in May.

That is a look at some of my favorites of 2016, the songs that helped me through a rough year and will continue to live on in pure awesomeness. Be sure to add them to your playlists.

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  • Ricardo G.

    1 year ago (#)

    Too bad to hear about your mother, Neaux… Hang in there. And thanks for another great year.

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