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Suiyobi no Campanella – “Aladdin” MV

Nov 01 2016

Suiyobi no Campanella buffs your bowling balls in the extremely sexy “Aladdin” MV.

KOM_I slinks her way around a bowling alley making bowling outfits sexy again. Her flexibility is astounding and wouldn’t you like to see what’s behind that last pin? This dance party track has all the makings of a perfect score with it’s children playground samples and clappy disco sound.

Suiyobi no Campanella just dropped a new single 11.1.2016 available thru iTunes.jp.

Piece together their brilliance at Suiyobi no Campanella’s official website and follow them on twitter.

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    […] KOM_I points to her pants numerous times in her awkward sexy bowling dance party for one video “Aladdin.” It’s mesmerizing, and she’s mesmerizing. “Aladdin” is one of the most colorful videos of 2016 with its bowling imagery and crazy choreography. The song is also youthful in sound and spirit and a great dance track. Brush up on your ball handling with the original Sparkplugged post. […]

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