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Kami-sama, boku wa kidzuite shimatta – “Dakara boku wa fuko ni sugatte imashita” MV

Nov 28 2016

Kami-sama, I couldn’t help but notice you (Kami-sama, boku wa kidzuite shimatta) are alien rockers here to spread smoke with “Dakara boku wa fuko ni sugatte imashita.”

This mysterious group fronted by female artist appropriately named “どこのだれか” isn’t helping the matter. Yet this group will take over the world, as they are distributed by Warner Japan and this song is the theme to the Star Ocean Anamnesis smart phone game.

While these disguised band members rock out, you can at least follow them on twitter.

Kamiboku’s official website holds more excitement and maybe a few clues.


  • Anonymous

    11 months ago (#)

    Let me break it to you, but the vocalist named “Someone from Somewhere” is not really female. He’s a guy. That’s for sure.

  • ANON

    10 months ago (#)

    The singer is a male.

  • Mii

    9 months ago (#)

    The singer is a guy, for sure.

  • Ney

    8 months ago (#)

    I’m 100% sure the singer is Mafumafu. And Mafumafu is a guy.

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