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Dramatic Alaska – “TEPPEN” MV

Nov 07 2016

Get in the ring with Dramatic Alaska’s “TEPPEN” MV. It’s a knock out.

It’s a fast-paced rocker that goes from round to round to round of different fighters each with their own special skill and sometimes special weapon of choice in the MV. Watch out for the kid and his kancho attack.

The guitarist dances around the ring in this video as well, and his solo is a 1-2 combo to the ears and heart that will leave you woozy. So good. Watch Dramatic Alaska sit these fighters down, because they go all out for a full 3:30 and are the ones left standing.

Dramatic Alaska’s latest Rock n Roll Dreamer drops on 12.7.2016. Preup at CDJapan.

Get the latest over at Dramatic Alaska’s official website.

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