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Oct 07 2016

WEAVER goes to great length to signal distress in their latest video for “S.O.S.”

Whether with flares or light flashes, the girls in this video for “S.O.S.” are trying desperately to get your attention. They even bust out the telegraph to send their message. This is quite an amusing video. The girls are intentionally droll. WEAVER plays their instruments in the weirdest locations at this fancy looking house (i.e. on the roof, in the bath tub). Also the director incorporates lots of circle and hole imagery throughout the video.

The whole thing reminds me of a Wes Anderson movie but in video form. The song “S.O.S.” is straight up pop, but with class. Well done, WEAVER.

Look for WEAVER’s new single at CDJapan out 10.19.2016.

Step inside WEAVER’s website portal and you’ll see it all.


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