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Cider Girl – “Swallow” MV

Oct 13 2016

Cider Girl rock a mostly empty gymnasium in “Swallow.”

These guys can’t escape high school as they scuff the b-ball court with their latest jangley single. Their schoolgirl mascot is there shooting hoops and still running to or from something in the video. It’s sad, there are tears, but I’d stick around.  “Swallow” is another jumping track that has that Gin Blossoms-like familiar rock sound that’s just plain good.

Cider Girl’s mini album Diorama Insider just came out on 10.12.2016. Note that this song is on another mini album Diorama Outsider out 11.9.2016 at CDJapan.

Hit up Cider Girl’s official website for a list of upcoming live events.

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