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She,in the haze – “Stars” MV

Sep 12 2016

She,in the haze takes you on a ride of a shooting star and it sounds magical. Watch and listen to “Stars.”

The soft whispery vocals, the fuzzy guitars that turn to rawk at just the right moment, the take you to church keyboards, all of it just works perfectly. “Stars” is the single that will force you to preup on their mini album Mama said out 10.5.2016 at CDJapan. This is the stand-on-the-mountain-fresh sound you were looking for this fall.

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    1 year ago (#)

    […] Easily my favorite song of the year comes from She, in the Haze in “Stars.” It’s the whispery vocals and the soft to loud rawk. The video is also rather dreamy and I love that the band is dressed in all white and are fairly reserved until the 2:50 mark when then go completely heavy and industrial. Read the original sparkplugged post HERE. […]

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