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Aug 05 2016

SHADOWS shake out of the FACT bubble to explode on “BEK.”

Rather than sink to the bottom, SHADOWS waterbomb out of the blue depths with their latest. You still get Hiro’s signature voice but “BEK” is a heavier brand of punk rock that will wet the hardest FACT fan’s appetite.

SHADOWS album Progress is slated for 8.17.2016 at CDJapan. That album cover is amazing.

Hide within SHADOWS’ official website.


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  • Neaux survives 2016 with Ten to Remember | SparkPlugged

    1 year ago (#)

    […] FACT might have disbanded, but SHADOWS carries FACT’s flag in the rocker “BEK.” Lead singer Hiro jumps and jumps and jumps while at the bottom of the ocean, and the music is still as electric as his energy. The video contains some amazing stormy water visuals and freeze frames water drop bubbles. I’ve rage rocked to this song for most of the Autumn. Here’s a few more words from my original post. […]

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