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MOLICE “5” album review

May 30 2016

five_artworkMOLICE’s jittery brand of indie J-rock returns in a compact seven track wave with the album “5.”

You’ll still want to do the “swim” to their surfer style guitar sound, but you’ll want to ride this wave until the end of the album thanks to production by Robby Takac of the Goo Goo Dolls.

First track “‘5′” starts on a high as it mixes funky riffs with angelic “la la la’s.” “Kira Kira” dives into a rabbit hole with it’s descending notes and pounds you in the process.  Lead singer Rinko opens up her heart on “Blue” and sings out poignantly and beautifully. Feel that emotion in three terrific songs.

Yet, “Hearts Up” might be the biggest jam of this mini-album with it’s funk and trippy flow. It’s instantly addictive.

That being said, there is something hair-raising about the long intro of “Ha-lo.” It’s like the perfect montage music you’d imagine in a movie that is building to a tremendous computer hack, or rise-up power shift, or skillful construction of something magnificent. The sound is very cinematic chic. “Ha-lo” will indeed lift you up, and it reaches pinnacle points of enlightenment.

If you needed a summer J-rock getaway road trip song, “Vision of summer” fills that void nicely with a wispy sound.

Finally for the US fans, Molice covers the Police. “Bring on the night” sounds less like the Police’s reggae rhythms by using more sproingy guitar riffs and ethereal synthesizers. It’s a real treat and great way to cap off the album 5.

You can preorder “5” from Amazon.com for $7. Totally worth it for seven awesome tracks. My advice is to hold out for it and buy it direct from Good Charamel records.  I’m hoping for a CD release, personally.

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