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Homecomings – “DON’T WORRY BOYS” MV

May 03 2016

It’s a PJ party with Homecomings’ “Don’t Worry Boys.”

With a very Blur-sounding song, “DON’T WORRY BOYS” jangles nicely and it’s cool to see the band jam in their jammies. It wouldn’t be a sleepover without a pillow fight, and the feathers do fly. Find this baby on Homecomings’ new album SALE OF BROKEN DREAMS which goes on sale 5.11.2016 at CDJapan.

Look for munchies over at Homecomings’ official website.

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  • Neaux survives 2016 with Ten to Remember | SparkPlugged

    1 year ago (#)

    […] Homecomings ride a 90’s brit pop doodle-y riff all night long in their slumber party jam “DON’T WORRY BOYS.” It’s fun, like a whole lot of messy fun that you don’t need to worry about until the next day. Dance around in your PJ’s please. You’ll feel better afterward. Bust out the late night snacks and look back at my original post HERE. […]

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