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SEKIRARA – “Merry-go-Round” MV

Feb 02 2016

SEKIRARA blast off a dizzying performance in “Merry-go-Round.”

This all female band lay it out with the licks and the hits, putting the rock before the visuals. “Merry-go-Round” sounds fierce, it’s smashy and thrashy and a great rock track. The girls are there to play and head bang out a winner. While the video is simplified, it allows us to see SEKIRARA stripped of excess. These girls get it.

Their album Momokuna kisu ni hakanai kizu o looks to be a limited Tower.jp release. It just came out on 1.27.2016, let’s hope other retailers get it.

You can see some older videos of the group over at SEKIRARA’s official website.

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