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Kuso Iinkai release video for “Music” and special video to promote Doubt no koshin album

Jan 22 2016

Kuso Inkai release a new video for “Music” and  also a special video that acts as a digest for  their upcoming album  Doubt no Koshin out 2.10.2016.

“Music” pumps right out the gate with a heart throbbing rock track that makes a good road song. The animated video of a man booking on his bicycle makes for an exciting ride. Once he gains a friend, the song soars.

The second video for “Doubt no koshin” is a mini-movie that’s pretty much an album digest of songs, but the way the songs play over the video is pretty cool. From tv screens to CDs in a messenger van to old school portable CD players, that’s how we hear the new album. We even get to see lead singer Miura Ryuichi play acoustic in the park.

So why is this special video 8 minutes long? Well Doubt no Koshin has 12 total tracks that include such songs as “Jyuai, Yue ni Seiaku Setsu,” and “Boku ga Yuki wo Kirau Wake.” It also comes with a DVD with with music videos. Preup at CDJapan it’s only $25 US dollars.

Get an eyeful of the gorgeous artwork for Doubt no koshin at the special Kuso Iinkai website.

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