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HALFBY- “Slow Banana” Feat. Alfred Beach Sandal MV

Jan 27 2016

HALFBY gets sensual with hot sweaty fruit in “Slow Banana” featuring Alfred Beach Sandal.

Kitasato Akihisa of Alfred Beach Sandal bops along on vocals like no biggie, but his voice is super smooth over HALFBY’s morse code beeps, horn-y sounds and steel drum beats. This is an excellent track off the album Innn Hawaii released back on 11.11.2015 at CDJapan. “Slow Banana” really does have that island breezy vibe while still offering up a hint of something more sexy.

VIDEOTAPEMUSIC directs again for HALFBY and here they take their signature vacation footage video to the beach but this time they insert hot sweaty shots of bananas roasting and fruit dripping in water. Hows that for Innuendo!

Read up on HALBY over at the FELICITY website. Follow HALBY on twitter.

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