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PAELLAS – “Night Drive” MV

Dec 29 2015

PAELLAS puts the “P” in parkour with the night time jam “Night Drive.”

It’s sounds like old school smooth brit-pop that will make you flip out. Whle parkour normally makes me want to stick my head thru my computer monitor, the amount of acrobatic tricks in this video are almost impressive. Yes I loathe parkour, but PAELLAS’ low-key jams and calming vocals is helping me cope tremendously. There is almost a Depeche Mode vibe going on here. Me likey.

You can look up their new album Remember out on New Year’s Day 1.1.2016 at CDJapan.

PAELLAS’ official website has some more demos for you to listen.

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  • Drew

    2 years ago (#)

    Hey! Just wanted to show my appreciation for taking the time to run this blog! It’s nice having a well put-together blog where I can find good Japanese music. Go Sparkplugged!

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