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Suiyobi no Campanella – “Match uri no Shoujo” MV

Nov 18 2015

Suiyobi no Campanella subverts sexy saxophones with minor head wounds in the highly comical video for “Match uri no Shoujo.”

For someone who’s music has crossed over every musical line possible in Japan, there is no stopping Suiyobi no Campanella. Not even head trauma can stop her infectious rhythms and highly danceable beats. “Match uri no Shoujo” is a delectable romp that takes a sly look at pop appeal.

The video trades in typical pop star beauty tropes for trips and falls and often funny gags. Rolling in the sheets leads to slipping on soap. Steamy showers can’t wash away the bloody tears you’ll cry from laughter.

If there is one artist that deserves your attention it’s Suiyobi no Campanella. Her Zipang album was released on 11.11.2015 at CDJapan.

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