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Oct 15 2015


Hey anime kids, The Oral Cigarettes charge you up with the opening song to Noragami Aragoto, “Kyoran Hey Kids!”

The song is sure to give you a boost and you needn’t swallow batteries to feel the speed of their guitars. This track has some excellent riffs and even a pickin’ solo.

The video is a bizarre dance battle between the god of speed and the goddess of slowness, but with a fast tempo track like this, you know who has the lightning edge. You can tell why this song is the perfect opening choice for the anime Noragami Aragoto, because it’s so exciting. Check out the anime HERE.

Grab “Kyoran Hey Kids!” at CDJapan out 11.11.2015.

Orally fixate on The Oral Cigarettes official website.


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  • sherman johnson

    2 years ago (#)

    Does any one know the model’s name of the God of Slowness?

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