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Su凸ko D凹koi – “Tencho, watashi baito yamemasu.” MV

Sep 15 2015

Before you get fed up and walk out of your crappy job, watch Su凸ko D凹koi (Suttoko Dokkoi)’s “Tencho, watashi baito yamemasu.”

You might not like your manager at wherever you work, but they might just push you towards something rewarding. “Tencho, watashi baito yamemasu.” is a cute video that shows how Su凸ko D凹koi decided to ditch the day job (after realizing it bites) and focus on their band (which is a good thing). These three girls really are able to turn up the tempo and go faster on this song making a great punk track.  Don’t forget to thank the store manager.

The band’s 2nd mini album is coming on 11.11.2015. Check the placeholder at Amazon.co.jp.

Let’s also hope Su凸ko D凹koi update their website by then too.

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