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indigo la End release videos for Shizuku ni Koishite / Wasurete Hanataba

Sep 21 2015

Indigo la End’s 4th single spawns two videos for “Shizuku ni Koishite” and “Wasurete Hanataba.”

Take a whiff of the bouquet of flowers looming over your head in “Wasurete Hanataba.” It’s a cool rock jam, but will still melt you with those signature falsettoes. Plus the band is wearing all white, which is just cool. It’s the sequel to the video for “Shizuku ni Koishite” released back in August.

Have a good cry at “Shizuku ni Koishite.” It’s filled with so much drama, where lead singer Kawatani kaine is guaranteed to break your heart. This is great for fans of Kojima Fujiko as she stars in both videos.

Look out for the single over at CDJapan. It was released on 9.16.2015.

Keep up with indigo la End at their official website. Also check out Kojima Fujiko’s blog!

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