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Crossfaith – “Devil’s Party” MV

Aug 14 2015

Crossfaith create a suffocatingly black “Devil’s Party” with their first real video off of the forthcoming XENO album.

You can tell yourself that everything is fine, but it’s probably wrong. There is only one option and that’s swallowing a black pill. The result is a trip to the looney bin, where accepting your dark fate will lead to a crunchy metal breakdown. Crossfaith have mastered the peaks and bridges of metal, rock and programming synthesizers to make every song tell its own story. “Devil’s Party” tells you that resistance is futile. Join the Crossfaith army.

You can now preorder XENO from Amazon.com out 9.18.2015.

The boys of Crossfaith are leather clad over at their official website.

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