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phatmans after school double single “FR/DAY NIGHT” and “7 Kakan.” get two videos

Jul 09 2015

Double singles mean two new videos for Phatmans after school with “FR/DAY NIGHT” and “7 Kakan.”

Above try to take your paws off “FR/DAY NIGHT.” This video shows that bears are complete Playas in 16-bit fashion. It’s very video game based but also very sensual as the bear gets all the women on the dance floor.

While “FR/DAY NIGHT” is your uptempo rock dance jam, “7 Kakan.” has its own charm as a mid-tempo week worth of fun. The animation is cartoony, and this time the bear is a stuffed animal. I think “7 kakan.” really highlights the lead singer’s voice, plus it has a kickass guitar solo.

Look for this dual single on 7.22.2015 at CDJapan.

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  • XKaitouR

    3 years ago (#)

    YESSSSS. Omg, I had been waiting soooo long for new Phatman’s After School…!

  • egor

    2 years ago (#)

    the second single is awesome

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