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Survive Said the Prophet – “Ashes Ashes” MV

Jun 03 2015

Survive Said the Prophet keep fighting the good fight with their new single “Ashes Ashes.”

It’s a group sing-a-long hold-handsy kind of song I wasn’t quite expecting from the band, but damn it, they do a good job sounding off for the ones who keep fighting. The cello beginning to “Ashes Ashes” is quite nice. Also, props to the dude in the band who looks like he’s ready to dislodge his jaw, he’s singing his lungs out. This is unifying music for tweens, but I dig it too. It’s all good.

Find this track on Course of Action released back on 4.15.2015 at CDJapan.

He said what? Find out at Survive Said the Prophet’s official website.


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