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Septaluck – “Diamond” MV

Nov 17 2014

Septaluck picks up what’s left behind in the treasure filled “Diamond.”

So this girl goes around town leaving sentimental items and the band is right there to save these items. You think this girl is trying to get rid of the presents her boyfriend gave her. Yet Septaluck collects them all and give them back to her in a treasure box. I really don’t know what that means.. other than gifts are meant to be kept?

Well whether you’d rather forget the past or treasure the memories, Septaluck chug out a rather nice pop punk song in “Diamond.” A rich harmonic chorus and soaring guitars give “Diamond” a solid grade.

The band’s first mini album drops on 12.10.2014 at CDJapan.

Drop gems on them over at Septaluck’s official website.

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