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NAMBA69 – “STRAY DOG” (Special Ver.) MV

Oct 29 2014

NAMBA69 pops a cap in’ya with their violent theme to the movie 25 NIJYU-GO, “Stray Dog.”

Prepare to be physically beaten and probably shot by NAMBA69 and their megafiring drums in this quick and deadly single “STRAY DOG.” No one likes to be sold down the river, so NAMBA69’s punk single blazes by in under 2 minutes to plead its case.

Whoa your horses and stop by CDJapan to preup on 21st Century Dreams out 12.10.2014.

Let the cat out of the bag at NAMBA69’s official website.
25 NIJYU-GO stars Show Aikawa. Read more about the movie HERE.

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