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Akairo no Glitter – “Ai no shitauchi” MV

Oct 21 2014

The lady in red resides beachside in the latest Akairo no Glitter video for “Ai no shitauchi.”

Ok, so the lady is really just a girl with berries and flowers, but it still makes for great imagery. Lead singer Ryosuke Sato cries and talks himself into a corner in the wonderfully off-key alt-rocker “Ai no shitauchi.” He must be seeing red.

The guitars are superb on this poppy rock track and provide some balance to some majorly wild singing.

Find this single on the album Sekai Hi Akairo on 11.19.2014 at CDJapan.

Where there is glitter there is glue at Akairo no Glitter’s official website.

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